Hi, I’m James

I am a hands-on software engineering and data science leader with over a decade of experience of building software and high performance engineering teams with an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning focus.

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  • AI’s Electron.JS Moment?


    The study provides an analysis of ML model energy usage on a state of the art nvidia chip: We ran all of our experiments on a single NVIDIA A100-SXM4-80GB GPU Looking these devices up – they have a power draw of 400W when they’re running at full pelt. Your phone probably uses something like 30-40W…

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  • Weeknote CW48 2023

    I’ve missed a couple of weeknotes since the end of November and start of December has been a pretty busy time. On Tuesday we went to see a rerun of The Holiday at the cinema. It’s one of my favourite Christmas films and it put me and Mrs R into a christmassy mood. On Thursday…

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  • Data Swamp

    My dad has spent some of his retirement doing hobbyist machine learning projects. He heard the term “data lake” a while back and has taken to calling his datasets a “data swamp.” Feels like a terminology improvement the whole field could get behind. This is brilliant, I’ve not come across this term before but I…

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