Hi, I’m James

I am a hands-on software engineering and data science leader with over a decade of experience of building software and high performance engineering teams with an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning focus.

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  • January 2024 In Review

    My first monthly review in the new format since I mentioned in December that I would move from publishing weekly to monthly instead. Quite often January is a slow and sleepy month that drags on and on. This year I found that a lot happened in January and I was surprised how quickly it passed.…

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  • Supporting the Underdog when it comes to Automated Decision Making and Power Dynamics


    I enjoyed this recent blog post by acclaimed technologist Terence Eden proposing a thought experiment about the ethics of open sourcing a hypothetical LLM classifier trained on benefits sanction appeal letters. Eden, himself a huge open source advocate, argues, quite compellingly that such a model should be kept closed to prevent the potential leakage of…

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  • AI Poisoning for everyone!

    In reply to AI poisoning could turn open models into destructive “sleeper agents,” says Anthropic. This is definitely a bit of a hot take from Ars Technica on the recent Anthropic paper about sleeper agents. The article concludes with “…this means that an open source LLM could potentially become a security liability…” but neglects to…

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