Weeknote 13-19 August 2023

James looking pretty happy sat with a tray of cake in front of him
High Tea taking on a double meaning at the top of the Spinaker Tower

Stuff that happened this week:

  • I worked on some internal projects and wrote about my experiences of setting up Airbyte for some client use cases.
  • Mrs R and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary with an afternoon tea at the top of Portsmouth’s Spinnaker tower. The food was delicious and the view was spectacular. Thankfully it was a lovely sunny day for it.
  • I spent some time in our Whiteley office and went up to our London office on Friday for a couple of  meetings.
  • On the way home from London I made the very expensive mistake of losing my car keys which meant walking 30 minutes home to get my spare key and walking back to the station to get the car. I then had to shell out £400 for a new key from the car dealership after being advised by an independent auto locksmith that my car’s lock is “too fancy” for them to be able to reliably break into. I won’t be doing that again in a hurry.
  • Mrs R and I finished Season 2 in our Justified rewatch as we prepare for Justified: City Primeval. Margo Martindale certainly deserved her award for her portrayal of a bone-chillingly cold villain.
  • I found some cool new feeds to follow:

    • Tracy Durnell – a freelance sustainability consultant who writes about all sorts of interesting stuff in her digital garden
    • Elizabeth Tai – an essayist, sci-fi writer and digital garden
    • Shout out to Doug Belshaw’s Thought Shrapnel which I’ve been following for a while but which has recently come out of hiatus.
  • I’ve just finished the 2nd book in William Gibson’s Sprawl series

This week we have a few office days planned and a few house chores to do. I’ll be up in London attending the Airflow Meetup on Thursday evening.