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Going Mainstream with WordPress

Hello folks – I’ve taken the decision to migrate my blog back to wordpress after a few years of “dogfooding” my own publishing stack with Hugo and a little python script I wrote to integrate with indieweb and webmention stuff.

Why have I done this? Well frankly I realised that my blog setup was annoying me and holding me back from actually publishing. I couldn’t find a workflow that I was totally comfortable with and that friction was making me less likely to want to write. During this period of reflection I also noticed Kev’s comment about moving between CMS systems and had a little chat with him about it over email. He also advised me that I should do what I need to in order to reduce friction so that I actually want to write.

I know that WordPress is the boring, mainstream, vanilla option when it comes to web publishing but it’s also very convenient to use and I’m very comfortable drafting and publishing pages from this interface. It also makes updating the layout and design of my page a lot easier and I am very much a backend/data person rather than a web designer so that is pretty appealing too. I was also pretty keen to try out the new WP activitypub integration for directly sharing my content on the fediverse.

I’ve been migrating my post across from my Hugo site using a little conversion script that I wrote up to convert the markdown files and add them as drafts in wordpress. This way I can curate my archive of posts and bring it with me over to WordPress over time. I’ve brought some of my more popular articles over with me already and I’ll slowly make my way through my back catalogue for posts I want to retain.

I’m hoping that this will help inspire me to write a little more regularly along side some deliberate daily writing practice that I’m trying out at the moment. Apologies for breaking peoples’ RSS feeds and whatnot, hopefully it won’t happen too regularly from here on out.