About Me

a headshot of James - a blond chap wit glasses and stubble

I am a hands-on CTO specialising in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. I am actively interested in all things MLOps (deploying models quickly and efficiently with techniques like distillation), Explainability and Text Mining. You can see some of the things I’ve been working on in the projects section below. I blog regularly about tech and all sorts of other stuff and I work in the open via my wiki/digital garden where possible.

I’ve been in the software industry professionally for 12 years. I started my career at IBM, originally in transaction processing and enterprise application servers. In 2015, I moved to IBM Watson Ecosystem where I was the main solutions architect serving Europe, Middle East and Africa for around 12 months. I’m now the CTO at Filament.

I hold a PhD in Natural Language Processing from Warwick University and spent a great deal of time studying LLMs before they were cool. My exposure to both academia and practical software engineering has given me a unique perspective onto how cutting edge AI and ML techniques could be commercialised and applied to real problems.

Academic Publications

I have published a number of conference and journal papers in the machine learning and NLP space. You can also find me on: