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  • AI’s Electron.JS Moment?

    AI’s Electron.JS Moment?

    The study provides an analysis of ML model energy usage on a state of the art nvidia chip: We ran all of our experiments on a single NVIDIA A100-SXM4-80GB GPU Looking these devices up – they have a power draw of 400W when they’re running at full pelt. Your phone probably uses something like 30-40W…

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  • Weeknote CW48 2023

    Weeknote CW48 2023

    I’ve missed a couple of weeknotes since the end of November and start of December has been a pretty busy time. On Tuesday we went to see a rerun of The Holiday at the cinema. It’s one of my favourite Christmas films and it put me and Mrs R into a christmassy mood. On Thursday…

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  • Data Swamp

    My dad has spent some of his retirement doing hobbyist machine learning projects. He heard the term “data lake” a while back and has taken to calling his datasets a “data swamp.” Feels like a terminology improvement the whole field could get behind. This is brilliant, I’ve not come across this term before but I…

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  • Medieval Buzzfeed – Debugging Dodgy Datetimes in Pandas and Parquet

    Medieval Buzzfeed – Debugging Dodgy Datetimes in Pandas and Parquet

    I was recently attempting to cache the results of a long-running SQL query to a local parquet file using SQL via a workflow like this: This ended up yielding the following slightly cryptic error message: So obviously there is an issue with my published_at timestamp column. Googling didn’t help me very much, lots of people…

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  • Reply: How moving from AWS to Bare-Metal saved us 230,000$ /yr

    Reply: How moving from AWS to Bare-Metal saved us 230,000$ /yr

    Our transition from AWS to bare-metal infrastructure underscores the fact that while cloud services such as AWS offer robust flexibility and power, they may not always be the most economical choice for every enterprise. Neel Patel, We had a very similar experience at my current company a few years ago and we’re saving similar…

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  • Parsing Ingredient Strings with SpaCy PhraseMatcher

    Parsing Ingredient Strings with SpaCy PhraseMatcher

    As part of my work on Gastronaut, I’m building a form that allows users to create recipes and which will attempt to parse ingredients lists and find a suitable stock photo for each item the user adds to their recipe. As well as being cute and decorative, this step is important for later when we…

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  • Gitea Actions and PDM

    Gitea Actions and PDM

    Gitea actions is the new Github-compatible CI/automation pipeline feature that ships with Gitea and Forgejo. In theory it is interoperable with Github actions but there are still a few rough edges and for that reason, the feature is still disabled by default. I have been trying to get a django project that uses PDM for…

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  • Gastronaut – Fediverse Recipe App

    Gastronaut – Fediverse Recipe App

    Over the last few days I’ve been starting to build out a webapp. I was inspired by a personal “itch” I want to “scratch”. Although I’m a long way from ready to share my app, I thought I’d take the time to write up some of my initial ideas and choices. I’m a big fan…

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  • Weeknote CW45 2023

    Weeknote CW45 2023

    This week was another busy one both at work and at home. My Dad and his wife came to stay with us at the start of the week. My dad is reeaaally into coffee and I got him a voucher to go on a barista training course at Winchester Coffee School for his birthday earlier…

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  • Weeknote CW 44 2023

    Weeknote CW 44 2023

    I spent two days up in London this week, attending various in-person meetings and I got to have lunch with my friends and former co-founders of Filament who span out to run EBM. On Wednesday we were “locked down” for Storm Ciaran – our local council declared a Major Incident and encouraged people to stay…

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