A list of sites and people that are interesting and a bit of a summary as to why I recommend each one.

Tracy Durnell – a thinker, writer and long-time internet resident based in Seattle. Tracy posts frequently on a diverse range of topics, often linking out to other stories that she has found and commenting on them. I love the way her site is set up and aspire to make my own site as interesting and intriguing.

Garry Newman – Since I first discovered Garry and his eponymous half life mod as a teenager, I’ve followed his progress and the growth and success of Facepunch studios. He posts infrequently about his life and gamedev stuff.

Kev Quirk – one of the co-founders of Fosstodon which is the mastodon server that I reside on. Kev writes frequently about a variety of subjects and has great takes on web technologies and the internet (as well as occasional funny posts when he gets stuck in the barn with his chickens).

Simon Willison – Simon is an experienced Python developer who co-founded the Django Web Framework and now develops Datasette full time. Simon regularly blogs about a variety of tech topics including his experience working with AI and technical posts about his projects. Simon writes candid and accessible insights into AI stuff and is a voice of reason in the current hype cloud.