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  • Supporting the Underdog when it comes to Automated Decision Making and Power Dynamics

    Supporting the Underdog when it comes to Automated Decision Making and Power Dynamics

    I enjoyed this recent blog post by acclaimed technologist Terence Eden proposing a thought experiment about the ethics of open sourcing a hypothetical LLM classifier trained on benefits sanction appeal letters. Eden, himself a huge open source advocate, argues, quite compellingly that such a model should be kept closed to prevent the potential leakage of…

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  • AI Poisoning for everyone!

    AI Poisoning for everyone!

    In reply to AI poisoning could turn open models into destructive “sleeper agents,” says Anthropic. This is definitely a bit of a hot take from Ars Technica on the recent Anthropic paper about sleeper agents. The article concludes with “…this means that an open source LLM could potentially become a security liability…” but neglects to…

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  • Can you add AI to the hydraulics system… Seriously?

    Can you add AI to the hydraulics system… Seriously?

    “Can you add AI to the hydraulics system?” can i fucking what mate “Sir, I’m sorry, I’m a little confused – what do you mean by adding AI to the hydraulics?” “I just thought this stuff could run smoother if you added AI to it. Most things do” The part of the car that moves…

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  • Royal Institute Christmas Lecture on AI 2023

    Royal Institute Christmas Lecture on AI 2023

    I’m excited and very proud to see my colleague and mentee Safa appear on this year’s Royal Institute Christmas lecture. In the video, Safa is assisting Prof. Mike Woolridge (who has some excellent and sensible takes on AI by the way) with some experiments. In general this is a well put together lecture that gives…

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  • NLP in the Post-LLM World

    NLP in the Post-LLM World

    I really enjoyed diving into Seb Ruder’s latest NLP Newsletter which focuses on all the areas of NLP that are still in desperate need of attention in a post-LLM world. In an era where running state-of-the-art models requires a garrison of expensive GPUs, what research is left for academics, PhD students, and newcomers to NLP…

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  • AI’s Electron.JS Moment?

    AI’s Electron.JS Moment?

    The study provides an analysis of ML model energy usage on a state of the art nvidia chip: We ran all of our experiments on a single NVIDIA A100-SXM4-80GB GPU Looking these devices up – they have a power draw of 400W when they’re running at full pelt. Your phone probably uses something like 30-40W…

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  • Turbopilot – a Retrospective

    Turbopilot – a Retrospective

    As of today, I am deprecating/archiving turbopilot, my experimental LLM runtime for code assistant type models. In this post I’m going to dive a little bit into why I built it, why I’m stopping work on it and what you can do now. If you just want a TL;DR of alternatives then just read this…

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  • Prod-Ready Airbyte Sync

    Prod-Ready Airbyte Sync

    Airbyte is a tool that allows you to periodically extract data from one database and then load and transform it into another. It provides a performant way to clone data between databases and gives us the flexibility to dictate what gets shared at field level (for example we can copy the users table but we…

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  • Xavier the Spotify AI DJ

    Xavier the Spotify AI DJ

    Spotify recently joined the AI hype by introducing a new AI DJ to their app. I was initially deeply sceptical and cynical and started muttering about cancelling my subscription and just going back to using my local library and Plex. However, I thought I’d give it a go. So far I’ve found it to be……

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  • NLP is more than just LLMs

    NLP is more than just LLMs

    There is sooo much hype around LLMs at the moment. As an NLP practitioner of 10 years (I built Partridge in 2013), it’s exhausting and quite annoying and amongst the junior ranks, there’s a lot of despondency and dejection and a feeling of “what’s the point? ClosedOpenAI have solved NLP”. Well, I’m here to tell…

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