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  • Weeknote CW45 2023

    Weeknote CW45 2023

    This week was another busy one both at work and at home. My Dad and his wife came to stay with us at the start of the week. My dad is reeaaally into coffee and I got him a voucher to go on a barista training course at Winchester Coffee School for his birthday earlier…

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  • Weeknote CW 44 2023

    Weeknote CW 44 2023

    I spent two days up in London this week, attending various in-person meetings and I got to have lunch with my friends and former co-founders of Filament who span out to run EBM. On Wednesday we were “locked down” for Storm Ciaran – our local council declared a Major Incident and encouraged people to stay…

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  • Living with Aphantasia

    Living with Aphantasia

    Aphantasia is what they call it when you can’t see stuff in your “mind’s eye”, it’s latin for “no imagination”. It was a term originally coined by Dr Adam Zeman who did a study in 2015 that I responded to. I am an aphant and I spent most of my life believing that this is…

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  • Going Mainstream with WordPress

    Going Mainstream with WordPress

    Hello folks – I’ve taken the decision to migrate my blog back to wordpress after a few years of “dogfooding” my own publishing stack with Hugo and a little python script I wrote to integrate with indieweb and webmention stuff. Why have I done this? Well frankly I realised that my blog setup was annoying…

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  • Weeknote CW43 2023

    Weeknote CW43 2023

    We had a great time at Peter Pan goes wrong – lots of silly slapstick

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  • Weeknote CW 41 2023

    Weeknote CW 41 2023

    This week has been jam packed with traveling, meetings, events and all sorts! For an introvert like me, it’s been pretty hard going pretending to be extroverted and interacting with lots of folks. The biggest news this week was that my company won another award. A few weeks ago in September we won the CogX…

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  • Weeknote Week 39 2023

    Weeknote Week 39 2023

    Another busy week here as “Q3” gives way for “Q4” in the business world. Early this week we had a company retreat. On Monday we invited middle and senior management teams and on Tuesday we invited the whole tech team including fully remote staff. We rented a huge AirBnB with a games room and a…

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  • We moved offices!

    We moved offices!

    I’ve been meaning to write about this for a while – we actually moved offices at the end of May! My company Filament has, since 2017, had two UK offices. One up in London and one on the South Coast in the solent area. I live on the south coast and I spend most of…

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  • Xavier the Spotify AI DJ

    Xavier the Spotify AI DJ

    Spotify recently joined the AI hype by introducing a new AI DJ to their app. I was initially deeply sceptical and cynical and started muttering about cancelling my subscription and just going back to using my local library and Plex. However, I thought I’d give it a go. So far I’ve found it to be……

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