Today we saw Anyone But You, a romcom …

Today we saw Anyone But You, a romcom starring Glen Powell and Sydney Sweet which was a retelling of much ado about nothing. The character names were a giveaway: Ben as in Benedict and Bea as in Beatrice. Overall it was a fun, silly film set in very scenic parts of Australia. The Aussie setting also meant that there was quite a lot of strong language used. It didn’t take itself too seriously as the gag reel at the end showed.

I enjoyed it but it wasn’t a masterpiece.


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    […] set a goal of trying to get to the cinema twice a month this year since we have cineworld membership that costs about the same as 1.5 standard tickets. At the start of the month we went to see Anyone But You but we haven’t made it back since. Maybe February will be a better month for Cinema […]

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