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  • Brand Loyalty

    I’m not really saying anything revolutionary or novel in this post, it’s just a bit of a stream of consciousness rant about how companies behave when they think we’re not watching them…. When I was growing up I remember my parents and grandparents frequently talking about companies that they trusted and telling me good makes…

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  • Can you add AI to the hydraulics system… Seriously?

    Can you add AI to the hydraulics system… Seriously?

    “Can you add AI to the hydraulics system?” can i fucking what mate “Sir, I’m sorry, I’m a little confused – what do you mean by adding AI to the hydraulics?” “I just thought this stuff could run smoother if you added AI to it. Most things do” The part of the car that moves…

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  • Data Swamp

    My dad has spent some of his retirement doing hobbyist machine learning projects. He heard the term “data lake” a while back and has taken to calling his datasets a “data swamp.” Feels like a terminology improvement the whole field could get behind. This is brilliant, I’ve not come across this term before but I…

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